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Art in Dongsan participates in 2024 LA Art Show

Updated: Feb 17

Art in dongsan is delighted to announce our participation at the 29th LA Art Show which will take place February 14-18th. We look forward to welcoming long standing collectors as well as meeting new friends in our booth which will be located at number 301.

Art in dongsan will feature a presentation of works by Korean and American artists, spanning across generations and various media.

Featureing artists are

Bukang Yu Kim, Minsoo Kang, Junbeom Kim, Ariana Slome, Bongkyu Bae, Changju Min, Heewon Park, Hwaryeon Choi, Jisook Park, Jiyoung Oh, Junghwa Lee, Jungsoo Yang, Kapim Lee, Kimi Kim, Meeyoung Nam, Mikyung Pi, Miseon Jeon, Myungsook Lee, Rachel Kwag, Sangmee Lee, Sohyun Guk, Taehyun Lee, Yeonghee Yun, Zena Kim.

We look forward to welcoming art lovers and art collectors.

Thank you.

The artworks featured at the show can also be found on the online art marketplace Artsy.



Booth Number

Booth 301


Wednesday, February 14, 2024

6pm - 10pm


-Thursday, February 15, 2024

12pm - 8pm

-Friday, February 16, 2024

12pm - 8pm

-Saturday, February 17, 2024

11am - 8pm (Early entry, VIP Red Card and Opening Night Ticket)

12pm - 8pm (General Admission)

-Sunday, February 18, 2024

11am - 6pm (Early entry, VIP Red Card and Opening Night Ticket)

12pm - 6pm (General Admission)

Bukang Yu Kim

Minsoo Kang

Junbeom Kim

Ariana Slome

Bongkyu Bae

Changju Min

Heewon Park

Hwaryeon Choi

Jisook Park

Jiyoung Oh

Junghwa Lee

Jungsoo Yang

Kapim Lee

Kimi Kim

Meeyoung Nam

Mikyung Pi

Miseon Jeon

Myungsook Lee

Rachel Kwag

Sangmee Lee

Sohyun Guk

Taehyun Lee

Yeonghee Yun

Zena Kim

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