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Eunha Chung

Interdisciplinary Thinking and Making

​I have had a strong interest in and have made inquiries about nature since I was a child. I enjoy thinking about its latent meanings and mechanisms that imply scientific theories and philosophical interpretations. Therefore, the subjects of my art makings are directly related to scientific facts, causes and effects of nature, and I apply scientific methods to my art making process. Moreover, one could understand science covers the observation and documentation of our world, whereas art is the purely expressive and creative form. However, I think they are both concepts and creations, which fall into possibilities of blending the two to form visual communication art.

I enjoy educating people and giving them effective information to inspire and​ change the way people see both the world and the possibility of their own lives.

Even if my concept of artwork is one small thing, I expect it would have a huge impact on the viewers. This thought derives from the Butterfly Effect theory known as “sensitive dependence on initial conditions.” According to this theory, a butterfly flapping its wings in South America can affect the weather in Central Park.


Due to my strong belief in this theory, I believe my art and design work can challenge fixed notions in our lives or can inspire other artists or even scientists.

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